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Expansion Modules

At Modern Telephone Company, we offer a wide selection of expansion modules, including line expansion modules, button expansion modules, sidecar expansion modules, and more. Our experts will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and guide you in choosing the ideal expansion module that enhances your communication capabilities.

We provide comprehensive assistance, from identifying the compatible expansion modules for your phone system to addressing any technical considerations or compatibility concerns. With our industry expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, we ensure that you have the right telephone expansion module to optimize your office phone system and streamline your communication workflow.

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What are Telephone Expansion Modules?

Telephone expansion modules, also known as expansion modules or expansion units, are accessories designed to increase the capacity and functionality of telephone systems. These modules are typically used in conjunction with compatible desk phones or communication systems.

The primary purpose of telephone expansion modules is to provide additional programmable buttons or line appearances on the telephone, expanding the number of available extensions or features. They allow users to easily monitor and manage multiple lines or extensions, speed dial numbers, call appearances, or other programmable functions. These modules often feature LED indicators that provide status information, such as call activity or line status, for each associated button. They can be particularly useful in busy office environments where users need quick access to multiple lines or frequently used features.

Telephone expansion modules come in various configurations, offering different numbers of additional buttons or line appearances to suit specific needs. Some expansion modules connect directly to the telephone via a designated port, while others may require separate power sources or connectivity options such as USB or Ethernet. Overall, telephone expansion modules provide an efficient and customizable way to extend the capabilities of telephone systems, allowing users to streamline their communication workflow and handle a higher volume of calls or features with ease.

Different Types of Expansion Modules For Office Phones

Line Expansion Modules

These modules add extra line appearances to the phone, allowing users to handle multiple incoming and outgoing calls simultaneously.

Button Expansion Modules

Button expansion modules provide additional programmable buttons, enabling users to customize and access various features or functions quickly.

Sidecar Expansion Modules

Sidecar expansion modules attach to the side of the phone, providing additional line appearances and programmable buttons in a compact form factor.

BLF (Busy Lamp Field) Expansion Modules

BLF expansion modules display the status of extensions or lines on the phone, indicating if they are busy, available, or ringing. They are useful for monitoring the status of colleagues’ extensions or frequently dialed numbers.

DSS (Direct Station Selection) Expansion Modules

DSS expansion modules offer a set of programmable buttons that directly dial specific extensions or perform pre-programmed functions, providing one-touch access to commonly used features or frequently contacted colleagues.

Programmable Expansion Modules

These modules allow users to customize the buttons with specific functions, such as speed dialing, call transfer, voicemail access, or line appearances.

LCD Expansion Modules

LCD expansion modules feature an additional LCD screen that displays caller ID information, call logs, or directory listings, providing enhanced visibility and navigation for managing calls and contacts.

It’s important to note that the availability and compatibility of these modules may vary depending on the specific telephone system or phone model being used. It’s recommended to consult the phone’s manufacturer or your telecommunications provider to determine the suitable expansion modules for your office phone system.

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